Karwar is a seaside city on the west coast of the Arabian sea and surrounded by the Western Ghats at the east. Karwar is situated on the banks of the Kali river which flows west into the Arabian sea from its headwaters at Bidi village in the Western Ghats. Earlier karwar city was famous for its beautiful Seanís and delicious sea food in Karnataka, but today our great city Karwar is known for its Navel base and the Nuclear plant, at national, continental and international level . Konkani is the local language in Karwar. Kannada, being the state language is also widely spoken. Hindi, Urdu and English are also used in social communication. karwar is known as an multicultural city now, because the people here come from diverse ethnic backgrounds and speak many languages adding colour, flavor and texture to the Great city, karwar is a fairly liberal and friendly place. However, traditions still hold in many areas of behavior, this little city that has always been a wonderful place to live, a city blessed with the best elements of weather, wonderfully contented people, growing educational institutions, arts, creativity, culture, sea food and everything that just seems so blessed. Itís a city that waking up to its potential, opening doors for others to make it their home and conquering its own share of issues and limitations. Karwar is known for the unity and harmony among the people even after having various cultures and religions been followed we are one . The people of karwar take great pride in calling them self karwar .


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